Bottles $3

Dos XX, Shiner Bock, Blue Moon

Bottles $2

Bud Light, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, Coors Light

Well Drinks $5

House Margarita $6

Sangria $6

Frozen Jack & Coke $6


Trio $12

Guacamole, queso, and salsa served with chips.

Bean & Cheese Nachos $6

Chicken or Beef Nachos $7

Brisket Nachos $8

Served with a side of guacamole, sour cream, and pickled jalapeños.

Pork Sliders $6

Three pulled-pork sliders topped with jalapeño pineapple slaw and served on a homemade bun.

Fish & Chips $8

Mozzarella Sticks $7

Cheese Quesadilla $6

Chicken or Beef Quesadilla $7

Brisket Quesadilla $8

Made with a homemade tortilla and served with a side of guacamole, sour cream, and pickled jalapeños.


Migas $4

Egg, Crispy Tortilla Strips, Onion, Tomato, Jalapeño, Queso, Avocado.

Pig Out $5

Egg, Carnitas, Sausage, Chicken Fried Bacon, Cheddar Cheese.

All-American $5.25

Egg, Chili, Neiman All Beef Frank, Cheddar Cheese and Onion.

Hippy $4.50

Egg, Spinach, Mushrooms, Tomato, Sweet Potatoes, and Jack Cheese.

Carnitas $4.50

Pico de Gallo.

Brisket $6

Cranky Frank’s Brisket, Refried Beans, Pico de Gallo, and Cheddar Cheese.

Build Your Own Breakfast Taco

Start with up to two of the following:

Beans, Egg, Potato, Cheese $3.00

Build Your Own Breakfast Taco Add Ons:

Sausage .75 / Bacon .75 / Chicken Fried Bacon 1.50 / Chorizo .75 /

Cranky Frank’s Brisket 3.00 / Beans .50 / Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes .50 /

Cheese .50 (Cheddar, Jack, or Queso)

Breakfast Beverages – Cocktails

Due to our Mixed Beverage license it is illegal to remove any alcoholic beverages from the premises.  State law prohibits us from selling alcoholic beverages before 7 am Monday – Saturday and before 10 Am on Sunday.

Mimosa $6

Guava Mimosa $7

Strawberry Mimosa $7

Pomegranate Mimosa $7

Bloody Mary $8

Michelada $6

Ope’s Big Easy $10

Bloody Mary with Bacon & Pickled Okra

Breakfast Beverages – Non Alcoholic

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

12 oz $5 / 20 oz $7

Iced Tea $2.25

Coffee $2.25

Pecan Coffee $2.25

Soda $2.25

Mexican Cola $3

Pomegranate Mimosa $7

Lemonade $3

Topo Chico $3

Topo Chico Lime $3

Topo Chico Grapefruit $3


[Burgers are 1/3 pound and served on housemade buns unless otherwise noted.] [Make it a grass-fed beef patty – add $2]

All burgers include our Hand-cut Fries

Old Fashioned $10

Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle. Nice and simple, the way it used to be!

Chop House $18

10oz ground prime rib, creamy house horseradish, pepper jack, crispy onions, roasted tomatoes.

Big Dirty B $15

House made chili, guacamole, queso, crispy onion strings, roasted jalapenos.

Fredericks-Burger $13

Sauerkraut, spicy brown mustard, pickles, German sausage.

Farmhouse $18

Arugula, tomato, caramelized onions, bacon, smoked ham, pickles, cheddar cheese, fried egg.

Fish Monger $14

Fresh seasonal fish, slaw, cucumber, hoisin sauce, lemon caper mayo, and lemon vinaigrette.

Henny $15

Buttermilk fried all-natural free-range chicken breast, fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted tomatoes, baby greens, pesto mayo.

BLTA $11

Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, and chipotle mayo.

Hold the Beef? $12

Veggie-burger (chickpeas, cous cous, black beans, corn, onion, mushroom, garlic) roasted tomatoes, baby greens, pesto mayo.  add bacon $1.50 (so wrong yet so right)

Let’s be Frank $10

Niman Ranch all beef hot dog, queso, housemade chili.

Grilled Cheese $8

American cheese, cheddar cheese, provolone cheese. (Not a burger but the best grilled cheese ever!)


[Build your own burger]

Proteinschoose 1

hand-pattied burger [ $10]

grilled or buttermilk fried chicken breast [ $12]

Veggie-burger [ $11]

Toppingsno charge

lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, kalamata olives, roasted corn.

BunsChoose 1

wheat, brioche, jalapeno cheddar(add $1.5)  gluten free(add $2)

Premium $1 each

ham, whole roasted jalepenos, guacamole, red peppers, field mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, fried egg, crispy onions, homemade chili, artichokes, roasted garlic, avocado, poblano peppers, arugula, queso, roasted pineapple.

bacon (add $1.50)

caramelized onions (only $0.25)

sausage links (add $3)

Cheeses $1 each

american, pepperjack, tillamook cheddar, baby swiss, provolone, bleu, mozzarella, feta, goat chevre.


[a whole pound of wings served with celery, carrot sticks and ranch – $14]



As in no sauce.




[With burgers this addictive, it’s gonna happen!]

Hand-cut fries $2

Sweet potato fries $3

Onion strings $3

Breaded Jalapeno Strips $8

Guacamole+chips $7

Awesome Guacamole $9

Queso+chips $7

Chili Queso+chips $8

Chili cheese fries $8

Roasted salsa+chips $4

Side salad $5


[Add a protien; Chicken – $4, Fish – $5, Beef – $3, Grass-fed – $5] [Substitute bleu cheese dressing on any salad!]

Spinach+Pear $12

Bacon, red onion, goat cheese, green onion vinaigrette.

Greek $12

Baby lettuce, cherry tomato, olives, cucumber, feta, red onion, artichokes, lemon herb vinaigrette.

Buffalo Chicken $15

Fried chicken tossed in our buffalo sauce, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, celery, ranch dressing.

Cobb $15

Bacon, chicken, blue cheese, roasted tomatoes, roasted corn, ranch dressing.


Hand-spun with Local Ice Cream

[Large – $7, Small – $5] [Make it a Malt – no charge, Make it BOLD with a shot of whipped cream vodka or pecan praline whiskey – add $5]


Salted Caramel